Adobe Creative Cloud for EHE Student Worker

Creative Cloud license for an EHE student employee

The University OCIO worked with Adobe to provide a site-wide license agreement for Adobe Creative Cloud that provides the software to all faculty, staff, GTAs , GRAs, Labs and Classrooms.The site-wide license does not include student employees and Creative Cloud licenses must be purchased separately.

How Do I Get Started?

If you're a supervisor of an EHE student worker who requires the use of Adobe Creative Cloud Applications simply fill out the form by clicking on the Request Service button to the right

What's Included

  • A license of Adobe Creative Cloud for the EHE student worker as long as they are employed by EHE.
  • A customized list of Adobe CC applications based upon the student worker's requirements to perform their work.


This service is available for all student workers of the College.

Special Considerations

The license is only active as long as the student worker is employed by the College.

Licenses must be requested annually (start of Fiscal Year, July 1)

Request Service


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