Student Computer Labs

OIT operates several student computing labs that are sometimes also used as classrooms. These spaces have a large number of computers, with the intent of providing one computer per student in the room. Labs may be purpose-built so be sure to check the room listing to find a lab that will suit your needs.

How Do I Get Started?

Check the room schedules posted outside of each computer lab for the current schedule. These vary day-to-day so be sure to check back frequently. When classes are not in session, staff, faculty, and students are free to use the space.

What's Included

OIT operates the following student computer labs:

Room # Mac / PC Seats Special Features Available Software
Arps 273 Mac 16

20-inch iMacs with STEM program software.

Software List
PAES A110 PC 30

Statistical Software on a few workstations

Software List
Ramseyer 329 PC 30

Statistical Software on a few workstations

Software List
Ramseyer 260 Mac 10 iMac

Adobe Suite

  PC 4 Dell All-in-Ones

Adobe Suite

Campbell 247 PC 3 Dell All-in-Ones Adobe Suite & Ned Graphics
  • All labs also have a BuckID swipe printer available for use per the current University printing rates.


Additional Software Requests

If you would like additional software installed in one of our labs, please complete the EHE Computer Lab Software Request form

Request Additional Software



There is no fee for the use of these rooms.


Student computer labs are available for use by all staff faculty and students of the college. However, if scheduling conflicts arise in Arps 273, priority will be given to STEM-related requests.

Special Considerations

  • If specialized software is needed for a specific course being taught, it will need to be paid for out of departmental funds. OIT can assist in the procurement process. In order for the software to be installed the licenses must be delivered to OIT two weeks before the start of each semester.
  • Class schedules vary. Please be sure to check the room schedule posted next to the door before entering.
  • Lab guests may be required to swipe in with their BuckID to gain access.
  • Internet access requires an Ohio State Username (your lastname.#) and password.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in any lab.
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