Sponsored Guest Accounts

Sponsored Guest Accounts provide individuals without an OSU affiliation access to university resources for the purpose of conducting EHE business or engaging in non-credit educational activities. Resources include OSUwireless, Carmen, OSU email, BuckeyeBox, libraries*, etc.

*Access to OSU Libraries licensed resources (including databases and electronic journals) via library.osu.edu when accessing the resources from an OSU IP address only.  (Note: Due to licensing restrictions, off-campus access to these resources is limited to current students, staff and faculty).


Sponsored guest accounts are appropriate for the following types of situations:

  • Individuals who have been hired through a contracting, consulting or temporary agency.
  • Participants in Program 60 or other non-credit educational programs.
  • Visiting faculty and scholars who are not being paid by OSU, but are participating in teaching or research activities on behalf of OSU.
  • OSU employees who have terminated, but will be returning to employment within a few months. (Note: The best method for maintaining access for this group is to enter a rehire into the PeopleSoft Human Resources system)


Guests requiring access to university systems must be sponsored by a current Ohio State faculty or staff member who takes on the role of "Sponsor".

The Sponsor is responsible for:

  • Obtaining the approval from the appropriate authority within the college or department;
  • Requesting an account be created by the designated Sponsored Guest Administrator for the specific department
  • Overseeing the guest's activities while using university resources;
  • Deciding if continuation of the guest's access is necessary.

How Do I Get Started?

Requesting an EHE account is simple.  Have your Sponsor complete our account request form and a member of the OIT Service Delivery team will create your account within 2 business days. The Service Desk Analyst will contact you when your account is ready for use

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