Hardware, Software and Printing Support

Hardware, Software, and Printing Services provided for your EHE computing needs

Services (9)

Computer Imaging & Deployment

Imaging and/or Deployment of computer Equipment

Computer Support

OIT provides technical support for all college-owned computers

Data/File Recovery

OIT maintains backups of all file servers and all data stored on shared networks. Deleted or lost files can be restored and previous versions of files can be restored as long as it is within the last 30 days

New EHE File Share Request

Request a new place to store data on a EHE Network Server

Office Relocation for Computers and Peripherals

Provides assistance with disconnecting and reconnecting workstations and peripherals for an office relocation.

Printing Support

Printer connectivity and support requests.

Software Installation Support

OIT assistance with installing new software

Software Support and Troubleshooting

OIT assistance with remediation of software issues.

Surplus Technology Disposal

Have old, unused technology? OIT can facilitate the proper disposal of surplus technology. You’ll need a list of the assets and their locations prior to pick up. Contact the Service Desk to get started.