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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic EHE OIT has created this temporary category and it's related services as a quick means to request IT help and assistance

Accounts and Access

Password resets, locked accounts, & new/updated account requests. This includes sponsored guest accounts requests, admin account requests and Qualtrics account upgrades.

Hardware, Software and Printing Support

Hardware, Software, and Printing Services provided for your EHE computing needs

Web Services

The Web Services team supports the website along with the Faculty and Staff Portal. We also provide web hosting service that allows for end-user control of the content. Upon request, we offer consultation services to meet the web presence needs of the college

Technology Purchasing

EHE OIT can assist with all of your IT purchasing. This includes New equipment, replacement equipment, and software purchases.

Enterprise Application Support

Explore assistance options for all of the applications supported by the EHE Office of Information Technology

Academic Technology

We partner with instructors and teaching assistants, staff, and students of the college to create meaningful learning experiences in the areas of instructional design, educational technology, classroom technology, and multimedia production.

Marketing and Communications

Services provided by EHE's Marketing and Communications team

IT Security

EHE Information Technology provides many services to protect the college's technology resources to ensure compliance with policies and best practices. We also collaborate with researchers to review grant proposal language to ensure that IT security meets any required security controls.

Servers, Storage and Networking

New File Share Requests, Access to Existing Shared Drives, Server Incident, Data Port Activation, etc

Data Management & Reporting

EHE OIT offers data management and reporting services for the Office of Accreditation, Placement, and Licensure (APL). These services may only be requested by APL staff