Transitioning to OCIO Supported Email Clients and Duo


The University Email Service (UES) is a service provided by OSU's Office of the Chief Information Officer.

The week of May 22nd, 2020, OCIO will turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) which will require Duo to access email.

Although the UES is an OCIO Service, EHE OIT provides support for all the supported clients.

OCIO's documentation is here: and their help desk is available 24/7.
OCIO is also sending emails to all users as the roll-out proceeds.

Remember, you will always be able to use Outlook Web App (OWA) if your client stops working.


Microsoft, who provides the email service as part of Office 365 is transitioning to Modern Authentication for their services by Autumn.

In addition, to allow use of the service for Private (S3) and Restricted (S4) data, OSU requires they be behind two factor authentication (Duo).

OCIO's Office 365 Transformation Roadmap has more details.

One of the most frequent questions is how often will Duo be needed.

From the experience of EHE OIT early adopters, desktop and mobile clients will need to Duo authentication about once a month. Outlook Web App (OWA) users will have to use Duo once per day, just like other Duo protected web services.

Re-logins and Duo is also required on OSU password changes. Note, based on experience, it can take an hour or two to be able to re-login to Office 365 apps after an OSU password change. EHE OIT cannot assist with resetting OSU passwords, please contact 8help at 614-688-HELP.


Supported Email Clients

Microsoft and OCIO support only the following clients:

  • Outlook for Windows (2016 and later, Office 365 recommended)
  • Outlook for Macintosh (2016 and later, Office 365 recommended)
  • Outlook Mobile for iOS/iPadOS
  • Outlook Mobile for Android
  • Outlook Web App


We've been told there is a task force currently evaluating and selecting a supported Linux client.

Transitioning to a Supported Client

EHE OIT is happy to help transition you to a supported client on EHE managed devices.  We can also offer limited support for your personal devices by directing you to the download locations for the supported outlook client.

In addition, OCIO's transition page has step by step instructions.

Transferring Local Mailboxes

If you have local mailboxes on your computer in a client, be aware than in Office 365 you now have a 100GB quota, and an unlimited Online Archive.

It's advisable to copy local mailboxes, in small chunks, to the University Email System. (Your unsupported client will still be able to read local mailboxes even if it cannot log into the UES.)

EHE OIT discourages mail stored on the local computer, and may be able to provide guidance in transferring, but we are not familiar with all mail clients.

Continuing to Use Unsupported Clients

Although some unsupported clients may continue to function, EHE OIT will not support these clients as OCIO does not and they provide the email service.



Using Skype for Business as your Duo Authenticator

If you use your office number (Skype for Business) as your sole Duo option, please contact EHE OIT to set up a second Duo option as Skype for Business will also need Duo to sign in.

Hard Wired / IP Phones

There are a couple changes with IP phones (those that connect to the wired network at OSU, versus a soft client that runs on your computer or phone):

  • You must log in with your PIN, not your lastname.#. You can retrieve your PIN at .
  • These phones will no longer display contacts, or contact presence status, like free/busy.

Conference phone will continue to work as before.

Multi-Factor Authentication will apply to all of these Office 365 services:

  • Email
  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Office Online
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft Teams


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