Mapping an EHE Network Shared Drive

EHE OIT provides access to several network shared drives. These drives should map automatically when you are on campus. If you are off campus or if the drive does not map automatically you may need to manually map the drive. 

For instructions for using the VPN to connect to resources off campus please see article: Connecting to the EHE VPN.

  • Shared (S:) \\\Shared  
  • Research (R:)  \\\Research 
  • Restricted (X:) \\\Restricted

Mac Computers 

The process for access network drives on Mac computers has recently changed. Please contact the Service Desk to be setup with NoMAD and File Shares. 

Windows Computers 

Open Windows File explorer. Select "This PC" on the left navigation pane and "Map Network Drive" on the top toolbar. You may also right click "My PC" and select "Map Network Drive" 

Windows File Explorer Screenshot


On the Map Network Drive screen enter the Drive Letter and folder destination. 

Make sure you change the drive to the appropriate letter for the share.

  • Shared (S:) \\\Shared  
  • Research (R:)  \\\Research 
  • Restricted (X:) \\\Restricted

The screenshot below shows an example for connecting to the Shared (S:) drive. 

Important: If you are connecting from off campus via the VPN please check the "Connect using different credentials" checkbox.

Map Network Drive Screenshot


Once you click finish you will be presented with a login window. Please enter your EHE\name.# and password. 

Important: If connecting off campus via the VPN please make sure to include the EHE\  prefix in front of your username.

Enter network credentials screenshot



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