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When Do I Need to Use the EHE VPN (and How Do I Use It)

The EHE VPN provides access to select EHE network services and the Windows License Server for auhentication renewal.  If you are a researcher with your own specialized server or if you need access to an EHE file server (S: or R: drive) when you are off campus you will want to use the OpenVPN Client provided by OIT.  These two listed are the only reason most of us will ever need to use the VPN.  There may be a rare exception and if you are unsure contact the OIT Service Desk.

To use the VPN first make sure you have OpenVPN Connect installed on your computer.  If it is not installed you can find the installation set up in EHE Apps on Windows computers and in Self Service on Macs.

Once installed, start OpenVPN Connect and select Connect.  Fill in the host server name with and click Continue

Enter your name.# and password and click Connect:

Enter push, phone or sms in the space provided to get Duo (BuckeyePass) Authentication. Use the option you generally use for Duo authentication for other University services such as eLeave, eProfile, etc.

Click Yes after Duo Approved

You are now connected to the EHE VPN.

To access files in your S or R drive, map the drive per the file paths given below.

  • Shared (S:) \\\Shared 
  • Research (R:) \\\Research

If you are unsure how to map a network drive in Windows please refer to this KB Mapping and EHE Network Shared Drive

If you still require assistance, please contact the OIT service desk:

Phone: 614.247.8324




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