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EHE OIT Service Desk

Box Migration to OneDrive

Information, Tools and Training for EHE

The University has made the decision to move away from BuckeyeBox.  OneDrive is already part of Office 365 and is part of the paid licensing agreement with Microsoft.  Over the course of 2021 files in Box will be moved to OneDrive.  OCIO will be doing most of the work and will move your files for you.  To learn all about the migration, OCIO's role, your role and the tools and training you need to make the transition please see the information below.

Pandemic Support Services now Available

EHE OIT has created several new services to support distance teaching, working and learning. We provide assistance with everything from borrowing a laptop computer to helping get your course materials online. 

Specific Services Include

  • Remote access options for faculty, staff, student employees, and graduate students
  • Loaner laptops for use during the pandemic
  • Assistance with videoconferencing technologies (Zoom / Skype /Teams)
  • Getting your course materials online.

Please note our operating hours are changing as campus slowly reopens during the Pandemic:

Please Note: Starting January 25, 2021 In-Person support is now available by appointment Monday through Friday from 9:00am-4:00 pm  This will remain in affect until further notice.  Visitors must comply with the guidelines for on-campus visit. 

Call-in remote support remains available between 8:15 AM and 5:00 PM. Please reach out to us by calling 614-247-8324, or by filling out a request form on this page. As the last option, you may also email us at 

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